When it comes to Janitorial Services in Michiana, nobody does it quite like we do. We take hygienic cleaning very seriously and have a staff of highly trained Janitorial professionals with years of experience, knowledge and a great deal of passion for what we do. This mixture of things makes us the perfect company for just about any Janitorial Service. We make sure that your job gets done exactly as you intend it to be done. We offer a wide variety of Janitorial Services to the entire Michiana community so that we can assist in all areas. From General Office Cleaning to Waste Removal and Recycling, we do it right!
In addition, we also offer professional Power Washing Services for both Residential and Commercial properties throughout the entire Michiana community. We apply our vast knowledge of the Power Washing industry to each and every job that we take on and express our expertise through services such as Driveway Power Washing, Siding Power Washing, Concrete Power Washing, Fence Power Washing and much more.


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Our Janitorial Services are everything you would want from a professional cleaning crew. We offer services that will provide your commercial building with a comfortable space that is hygienic and fresh. From Restroom Cleaning and Window Washing to Waste Removal and Recycling, we practice safe cleaning so that you always feel healthy about the environment you are working in. 
We take charge of your Commercial space when it comes to cleaning so that you never have to worry about dust, debris, dirt, or any other unwanted materials. We work on sweeping floors, dusting your assets and furniture, taking out the trash, washing windows, making your space smell fresh, and anything else that you need to be done. 

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Though not an entirely common service, Interior Power Washing is a great service for facilities such as factories where dirt, grime and other unwanted materials may add up over time. We come in and safely remove these buildups from your floors, machinery and more!


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Our Exterior Maintenance Services are extremely helpful for all types of commercial areas. We can come in, trim your bushes, mow your lawn, beautify your flowers and whatever else you may need when it comes to your land. We make sure that your lawn is looking better than anyone else's around!

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Whether you need a weekly mowing or just a monthly touchup on lawn services, we have got you covered. There is nothing that we can't do when it comes to Lawn Maintenance and we do it better than anyone else in Michiana. We are passionate about lawn care and our team of highly professional workers are there for you, every step of the way, to ensure you get exactly what it is that you want out of a lawn.


Landscaping, much like Lawn Maintenance, is the perfect way to keep your property looking beautiful. The only main difference between these two services is the fact that Landscaping is done more often than Lawn Maintenance. We are here to do the things that the Midwest season might mess up over time including leaf build up and the summer's overgrowth.
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Our belief at Michiana Building Services is that Janitorial Services and Power Washing are more than just improving your Commercial Building or Home. It is about improving the value of your life and business as a whole.

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